So, you like to see the good guy prevail, huh? You read a book to explore a new world, or just to leave from the timeline we’re in for a bit? Well, what if you could do both?

Let’s take a trip backward, into the smoking factories and land grabbing of the Victorian Era. Now, let’s land down in the United States, out West, in the southwest corner of the state of Missouri. The land is mighty and pristine, a raging river rolls by a brilliant lake. Along this lake, a city, budding with promise and peril, looms from the dirt. Old buildings, new buildings, people worn and people prepped for anything line its streets. Trains form the city’s backbone, black breath serpents slithering on man made prairie grass, railroad tracks. This city, Railroad City, the Rail to its people, is a unique place. Men searching for oil instead found blue light, a light granting the city a one-of-a-kind license for advancement. That light made some smarter than they should be, stronger than a herd of buffalo and any other assortment of medical oddities, ailments and enhancements. Smart men made trains faster, ships fly, artificial limbs and terrifying new weapons of war. This is the Rail people know, the metropolitan freak show, the land of the Weird.

Such a light made men into legends, heroic people who bonded to save themselves, the city, the state and later the world from tyrants of all sorts.

But those heroes came and went. They are so much dust now. The Rail has been swallowed, its industrial serpents manhandled by the nation’s greed. Its heroes made many friends, and more enemies. Those enemies run the city now, a triad of church, state and business. The heroes are gone.

Now, will the city remain under the heel of its foes forever? If it wants to breathe, if its citizens want to be free Americans ever again, someone will have to act. So the question is posed. Is it too late to become the hero? Can you overcome your own fears to rise up like those before you once did? And, if so, can you keep it up? For as the heel crushes down, the pressure increases. So, who will stand up for the Rail after the pillars have broken, and what will be the result?


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