Railroad City, Missouri

Let’s begin with An Unsubstantiated Chamber, Book One of the Rail Legacy.

Professor Flag Banner Epsom
Age: 51 (1886)
Height: 6’1″. Weight: 140 lbs. (268 w/ prosthetics)
Eyes: black. Hair: platinum white
Profession: history professor at Catton College
Paranormal?: yes
Talents: ability to view the past of any viewed scene or person. Flag has learned to translate reverse speech and can slow down or speed up images he sees. The process makes his eyes completely black while in use.
Appearance: lean. Scowling face. Wears old battered top hat. Brown waistcoat. White suit and cravat. Prosthetic right ATM and left leg give added strength and jumping height but steamdrive makes Flag hot, achy and more crabby.

Flag was born to a devout Catholic Irish mother and a devoutly drunk Scottish father. Neither appreciated their son’s constant joking and intelligence. Made to stay quiet, and refusing to be netted young Epsom many a severe beating.
Turning down an education in the priesthood, Flag married a beautiful woman of means. Her family’s support carried Epsom to Oxford and a fine education. However, ridicule by British lads over his poor background left the young historian bitter. Adding to the sour note, his mother, wife and unborn child died of disease. Flag became despondent. He drank worse than his father, tossed out of pubs for fighting. Eventually he got a job teaching at a school in London. Here he met a traveling American missionary named Edwin Bedford Seer.
It would be Seer who years later would convince a down and out Epsom to not only come to America and see the Indians up close, but also to live in the Railroad City. Little did he know how it would change his life for good…and for ill.

Aretha Tyne Astin
(aka the Huntress in Hazel)
Age: 22 (1886)
Height:5’9″. Weight:135 lbs.
Eyes: blue w/ green ellipses
Hair: black luscious curls
Profession: sanctioned government agent for U.S Regular Army
Paranormal?: yes
Talents: vision allows seeing internal biological functions, including blood rate, electrical signals, chemical flows, paranormal abilities to an extent and more.


Appearance: bronze skin devoid of blemish. Gorgeous long hair and hourglass figure. Aretha possesses drop dead gorgeous features as a result of enhanced beauty. She is the envy of women tall and graceful. Her behavior us cordial, though the inside is a far cry from the outside. Always impeccably attired and in matching colors.

Aretha is the product of rape, a wealthy Welsh merchant father who had his way with his Mexican housemaid. As soon as he was satisfied, father returned the maid to the slums of the Rail. However, he learned of her pregnancy and sent her money on an irregular interval (but never enough to move out of squalor). Forced to survive any way she could, Aretha’s mother took up prostitution, farming, and any other task available.
At the age of seven Miss Astin’s mother died. The why is uncertain. Regrettably the father arrived to take his daughter underwing. However, he saw no value in women, only in business. He raised Aretha to be cold.
Years later this same man would abandon his daughter to the invading Army in the Rail for two reasons: she was by then a paranormal and as such he could not marry her off. Here Sergeant Powell became her new parent, educating the cold woman to become what he required…
A hunter.


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