Rail Legacy Book Cheapage

It’s time! With a hearty thank you to Bryce Raffle of Covers by Raffle, the Rail Legacy books have recently gotten a makeover.

So that means…sale time.

I made Cerulean Rust, the second novel, FREE. That drops the price of all three total to $3.98. a savings of $1.99.

So you can indulge in steampunk antics, superhuman drama and the dark deeds of nefarious ne’er-do-wells at a discount.

Oh yeah! Those capital covers! Wa-la!

How about that? Classy, huh? I feel professional now. Need a cover some time in the future for your indie book? Send Bryce some love: https://www.instagram.com/grimmergrimmerbooks/

This weekend, the Rail comes in at $3.98 for three novels. Hop aboard!

#steampunk #superheroes #indie



4 thoughts on “Rail Legacy Book Cheapage

  1. I really really like the new look. Such an improment on the old one.
    I’d be curious to know whether you do see a rise in seles with the new covers. I’m remaking my own cover too, so, you know. Just curious 🙂

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