Audiobooks sound neat? New to Audible? Start off with a visit to the Legacy Universe…

Perhaps you are someone who drives to work and sits in traffic. Radio bothers you. Or, you like background noise when you’re at home doing chores. Audiobooks are a thing you’ve heard of, but aren’t so certain which book to jump into, or are debating whether or not to jump into yet another membership to pay for.

Might I suggest something new: punk genre fiction. The past remade, rewritten, with characters full of depth, bizarre retrofuture technology, complete world building, death defying feats, and superhuman powers. Pathos. Details. Intrigue. I’ve built a world for the last three years where superhumans to in the 1870’s, and the fallout of their actions, and the reactions of humanity, over the course of time. Four of them, as of this literal date, are in audiobook form, and I invite you to give one a try as your very first taste into the world of books by ear.

  1. An Unsubstantiated Chamber (Book One of the Rail Legacy): two years after the world’s first team of superheroes is killed by the military, the Wild West burg of Railroad City is a grim place. But a terrible crime committed will see the revival of one of its titular, jaded heroes…a college professor of history. Is he up to snuff, or will he collapse under the weight of American imperialism?


2. The Blossom of Hours: set years before the audiobook above and chronicling an adventure of one of the Rail’s more enigmatic heroes, the Spaceman. For some time after receiving his talents (powers), Spaceman felt an odd calling. From the Moon. Now, he sets off in a fantastic contraption to answer the call. But how can a lifeless satellite summon a man? He aims to find out…


3. The Unsafe Occupant: taking place just a few months after the Railroad City exploded from an alien element granting some of the population superhuman ‘talents’, this tale focuses on a murder, and one of the earliest cases to solve for our cranky college professor, Flag Banner Epsom.


4. The Case of the Radium Raid: the newest addition to my audiobook line, as it was released toady! Set in 1904, decades after superhumans first arose, this story introduces private eye David McClane, tracking down the aforementioned radium, but along the way, he finds something different, unexpected…and vital to his future.


Now you can get one of these free with your 30-day trail to Audible. If so, please leave an honest review after, so I know what you think. Also, feel free to send your thoughts to me directly at I like conversing with those who’ve read (or listened to) my words.

If you prefer reading books, you can find those same tales and more here:

Until next time, have fun reading and exploring new worlds.


2 thoughts on “Audiobooks sound neat? New to Audible? Start off with a visit to the Legacy Universe…

  1. Good information, sir! I used to be into audiobooks when they were on cassette tapes at B&N. Got away from them in the Great Shuffle when the formats exploded, and anything you buy is obsolete the following week. Maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy…

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