Care for a Book, or Three?

Top of the morning, everyone. Today is my own personal Steampunk Day. That’s because I’m selling the first three books in the Rail Legacy I’ve published thus far for the low price of 2.99. The first two are FREE. The third is 2.99. I encourage you all to get them while they’re on the cheap side of things, and if you do, kindly leave honest reviews once you’ve read them. What are they about? Here’s where things jump off in Book One…

A fusion of steampunk and superheroics… this is the Rail. Mix in a healthy dose of human foibles, and you are in for a reading on the ups and downs of paranormals, how people react to them, and how their actions shape (and destroy) the world around them.
THE GUILD OF HONOR: once this fabled society of paranormals kept the metropolis safe from abnormal threats, and gifted America with advanced steampowered technology. Then, jealousy and rivalry brought them to a deadly end at the hands of a military takeover.
Flag Banner Epsom. Aretha Tyne Astin. Two paranormals in a world that fears them, a Victorian Wonderland of fast trains and gravity-defying cloudcraft. Can these two solve an invisible murder, and catch a killer with plans to shed more blood, or will they succumb to the fist of the United States Regular Army?

Need links? Um, I think I can provide one or two depending on where you reside. Enjoy?




Australia/New Zealand:








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