Biting the Dog That Bit Me

Well now, guess who’s writing?

Yes, me! And not just this blog, which sees more dust than an abandoned house, but my books are zooming. After several months of personal bleh, writers blockage and an assortment of setbacks, the Muse has apparently gotten off of the opioid meds and started the recovery process.

Let’s get to the main book: FROM AN IRRADIATED CRYPT, BOOK THREE OF THE RAIL LEGACY. I recently had a friend and fan ask when we were going to get more of the steampunk/superhero adventures of Flag Epsom and dangerous Railroad City, as BOOK TWO, CERULEAN RUST, came out more than a year ago. Well, while I’ve secretly been biting my lip struggling to write the doggone thing, in the past two weeks, I can attest to the fact that now, the old tale pretty much writes itself.

As usual, sleep troubles seem to awaken the Muse in me. This time, it’s the shtick I have every few months. Once upon a time, I didn’t sleep. I went three to five days with no sleep before crashing for 18+ hours, or getting only one. It led to dreaming while awake, nightmares while awake, etc. Fun stuff. For years. It’s why I used to tell my friends who did drugs that I didn’t need drugs. I was in two worlds, minimum, day and night.

For years now I’ve been on melatonin, a more natural way to get leep. It works wonders. But, every few months, it gives me a good night’s sleep…in two to three hours. Really. I glide into Dreamland by 10 or 11 pm. Best sleep ever. I wake up, refreshed, stretch, yay!

It’s 2 am. It’s 3:30 am. Wow.

Because I’m rested, I can’t go back to sleep. Might as well make the best of it. It is at this odd hour of the day that my brain sits in front of the laptop and goes the heck off. I wrote 5,000 words on Book 3 yesterday morning. 1,000 this morning, with another 1,000 a few hours later. I’ve been watching film noir at odd hours, tidbits on kaiju films. Then, laptop back on, I return to the word.

It’s the same with my junior novels, THE GIRL WITH THE NEGATRITE EYES and THOSE TUMULTUOUS TICKERTAPE TOMMIES. These were also set, in my mind, to come out late last year. Writer’s Block. Now, I get out 500 words or more on each every other day. Their on schedule. I have a dieselpunk novel I add 1,00 words to every few days, set up the format for an atompunk novel, and am about to, tonight I think, transfer Down Jersey Drive-shaft from Wattpad (copy, not cut) to my file to prep it for book form.

Busy! I like it that way. Three cheers for early rising. Well, gotta go. My Muse is a calling.



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