First, thanks to Kara Jorgensen for bringing this up on Facebook ( you know her, right? Author of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series! No? For shame. She popped out a post about the Netflix show Anne with an “E”, the latest version of L.M Montgomery’s Canadian classic series, Anne of Green Gables.

As an asthmatic, introverted kid doped up on imagination, I loved Anne and still do. She’s the perfect fictional character to make friends with. Fun. Angry. Happy. Bright. A heroine for maintaining glee in a glum Victorian society and overcoming the odds. I’m two episodes in. Why write a blog about it already?

1. The feels, as they say now. So, this show is, to say the least, multilayered. From the flashbacks to the depths of the start emotions, natural scenery and how the camera lingers on a character to catch their (very well acted) emotives. This version shows you how people act in front of others, AND in private. Deep stuff. It doesn’t play around. If you had any issues as a child, well, you’ve been warned. Some are complaining this is too real, too dark. To that sentiment, I lead into my second point…

2. Anne With an “E” is steampunk. Period. I know, I know. Where’s the scifi element? The airship? The crazy guns? The Middle Earth add-ons? Let’s roll back to the meaning of any punk fiction. 

      A. Possesses the tech/feel of the era. It’s 1870’s Canada, so done…and done well. Steam power is not enganced, but prevalent. 

      B. Punk dictates (often ignored, sad to say) is to take to task the bad societal aspects of the time, and NOT gloss over them. CONFRONT THEM. This series hits you in the gut with the terrible mistreatment of children, child ‘asylums’ (wow) and how the era woefully failed at preparing people to deal with their own feelings. Also, gossip. Gossip hurts, especially the young. Actions have consequences. Life is dark, not just because, but due to a lack of positivity and love.
So, no insanity or aliens. But, a Victorian era classic has been renewed while also sticking a dagger into the cold heart of Victoriana. Steampunk. Bravo.

Check it out, y’all. We artists love good stories, right?



  1. I haven’t seen the show, but I just want to agree with you. Many people (even many punk readers) think pank genres are only retrofuturism.
    I’ll go with Larry Amyett’s definition of dieselpunk: having a diesel era setting with a modern feeling and understanding. As you point out, it diesn’t even necessarily need a speculative element.
    I wish more punk readers would consider this.

    Thanks so much for posting this. I used to watch the animated version of Anne when I was a kid (yes, one of my favourite) and it didn’t come near steampunk in any possible way. This new show sounds really really interesting.

  2. Thanks for this! We’re all big Anne fans in our household… is the series kid friendly like the books?

      1. Ah, thanks for that, I shall proceed with caution and preview it before I let the little uns know 🙂

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