Sorry. Couldn’t resist a comic book reference. This is a note to you punk fiction genre types to stop by and give it a go. This will be one of the new spots for what used to be Scribblers Den.

Soon we will have set up a forum page to allow daily communiques like in the old Den. Bit by bit, I want to set up pages for punk worlds to participate in writing, as well as another Reading Room.

Any other ideas are welcome. If you want to be a contributer, contact me or the Sarge (Steve Moore) at the Fortress.

Step by step, we shall grow!



  1. Ooo that sounds exciting may I join in? I tried to join the empire way back before christmas but still waiting to be accepted or declined, I guess this means it’s not really functioning well anymore?

    1. It isn’t and the Fortress has lost its vibe. However, welcome to is the same setup as the Empire. Go there, when you get approved friend me (William J. Jackson) so I can invite you to Scribblers Den. That was our writing group in the Empire. We endured, and are rebuilding. Huzzah!

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