Wattpad. It’s a fun and frothy place for writers to do their thing. You may recall I write a dieselpunk saga over there known as Down Jersey Drive-shaft. It’s a retrofuture homage of sorts to the region (Southern NJ) I’ve lived in since I was eleven. Taking place in the last couple years of World War Two, I give Salem County residents a homefront war ofthe unnatural kind. As of Saturday, DJD is at 26 published chapters of bullet chugging, high speed, eerie warfare. I can see its conclusion on the horizon, my heroes giving all for home and family.
But I also have shorter atompunk tale called The Rules of Chaos. Taking aim at the Legacy Universe (of my books the Rail Legacy and Perilous Ping) in 1929, an America having lost the Sky War bets all on space travel. The crew of the Nation’s Hazard is seen through the eyes of Jane Jeffers, a woman of self doubt but tremendous heroism. I now have two chapters of this junior work (termed Phases). It’s Buck Rogers style fun, with Germans!
Give them a go (links below) and if you like, don’t forget to vote (press the star) at the bottom of each chapter. Comment too. I want to know how I’m doing, good and bad.

See you in the past!


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