Hello again. Another blog from me means I might be coming out of hibernation. This is good, as I am in the midst of many writing ideas and had better get to cracking my knuckles. October for me in terms of writing was…well…vacant. I got very little done, found writer’s block coming more often than usual and time brief.

The past week, though, has seen the brain melt and catch fire. Ideas returned! Words formed sentences! I must confess the return of the word Smith feels always is welcome, like finding yourself again.

So then, here’s where I got on six(!) separate tales from October 27th to now.

THOSE TUMULTUOUS TICKERTAPE TOMMIES: a short story post-Cerulean Rust about a character in that book. It was last at 1k words. In the last two days, it moved up to 2,822. Even better, the idea for where this story needs to go is more clear.

THE GIRL WITH THE NEGATRITE EYES: another post-Rust short. I haven’t written a new word yet. But now, I see how it ends. At last!

FREE RADICAL CHANGE: atompunk for a Writerpunk anthology. I have had extreme blockage with this. I have the beginning and ending. The middle? It’s a vague muddle. But, slowly…

THE RULES OF CHAOS: atompunk on Wattpad. Began a second Act before October and then skid into a roadblock. Back on track. Added a few hundred words, jotted added character details and am envisioning Act Three.

DOWN JERSEY DRIVE-SHAFT: dieselpunk on Wattpad. Got out Chapter 22 Sunday. Chapter 23 is started. While out Sunday, I had a vision of DJD’s sequel. Outline time!

FROM AN IRRADIATED CRYPT: the title for BOOK THREE OF THE RAIL LEGACY. I began the prelude. Couldn’t wait. What is it about? That’s a tale for later, but the steampunk rolls on. I could tell Rail Tales til the sulfur sows come home.
So glad to be in the running. While I’m not actually signing on to NaNoWriMo this year (and is how I wrote Book One two years ago) I will be using November as a springboard for more writing to counter the October layover. 

Which brings me to my next thought. Now that you know what I’m into…what are you writing now?



  1. Geeze: I write nothing. This year sucked. Maybe I need one of those Sage Burner persons to come to my house and spread smoke around. You had a nice anniversary though with your beautiful wife, right? I forgot to wish you Happy Anniversary, so ….Happy Anniversary. And good to know Rail 3 series will happen. On that note, I will go read more of Book 2.

  2. Sounds like lots of good things in the works. I’m working on edits for the science fiction anthology Kepler’s Cowboys, but hoping to get serious about the fourth book in my Clockwork Legion series after the first of the year.

  3. Wow! You’ve been busy. It always amazes me to see other writers hop from project to project making progress where they can. 🙂 I feel like my brain is too singular-minded to do that, haha.

    As for me, I’ve still got a lot of my manuscript left to read aloud and make line edits on. It really takes a lot of focus and stamina! But I am happy I started the process. I’ve also been getting a lot of plot and specific scene ideas for my next two books, so I’ve been journaling those down so as not to lose them.

    Can’t wait to be done with these painstaking edits so I can get to my next novel!

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