Back in March of 2015, this lil’ indie author put out his first novel. An Unsubstantiated Chamber tells of the meeting between curmudgeon Professor Flag Epsom (he of the steam-powered right arm, left leg & crappy persona) and Aretha Tyne Astin, the Huntress in Hazel (she of the blue eyes with hazel rings, skyward chin and bloodied hands). Two people possessing superhuman ‘talents’ in a burg called Railroad City kept under foot by a scary American military presence.
Long story short: element. Explosion. Powers. Group of heroes. Legends. They get killed. Military rule. Boom.

Our story picked after ‘Boom’. Epsom and Astin got neck deep in murder, corruption and power plays in the Rail. The story ended, at least, THAT particular story did. I won’t go into details here for the sake of future readers yet to enter the Chamber. I merely set this up because…

Book Two is out! Cerulean Rust, Chamber’s descendant, is now out in paperback form (click link below). The ebook comes out on August 3rd. You should be able to pre-order the eBook some time tomorrow, July 25th. I’m thrilled and nervous!

What’s it about, you ask? Well, let’s just say our duo uncovered a nasty bit o’ evil in Chamber. Now, this particular breed of Badness likes it’s anonymity, if you know what I mean. Even two people being aware of its existence…two too many. Epsom and Astin have to go.

But wait! Villains don’t play fair. They cheat. And the biggest evil cheats the worst and strikes waaaaaay below the belt. How? When? Where?

Will our anti-heroes trying to learn heroism rise to the challenge? Can two defeat one monstrous shadow whose feet drag across all of America? Hmm…

I hope you will tune in to find out!

What? You’ve never read Chamber? Well, my friend! I shall make the ebook of Chamber FREE on August 2nd, the day before Rust hits. This makes it easy for you to enter the Rail and see a world of four-color Superheroes in a tainted Victorian metropolis.

Have fun, because I am. Gotta go promote some books!

Know your alternate history!


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