Afternoon! I am here to tell y’all briefly about my stories for free on the great website called Wattpad. Lits of talented writers are over there, putting on grand adventures that only cost you a free sign up.
So what do I have to offer? Well, since some of you are aware of my Rail stories (the Legacy Universe), two of them tell tales of its early heroes.
While one, Spur Trigger, is a short story, the other has two parts, and I’m working on part three. Please if you read it vote (press the star), comment if you liked it and continue scrolling til you reach the next part.
My other tale is a separate universe, a dieselpunk story blossoming into novel length called Down Jersey Drive-shaft. WWII in South Jersey, with robots and personal hardships. So far it’s twelve chapters in. Take a look.
I am blogging this because folks new to Wattpad seem to think my stories are done after the first chapter. Nope. Keep scrolling gang, there’s more!
Lately I get people asking me where the rest is, or that they ended up somehow reading the last chapter, but not what came before. So, the links for all three are below. Only Spur Trigger stands as a one chapter short.
So jump in, or back in! Have fun. Let me know what you think.


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