So if you read my last post, you may be an indie author who took a trip (link!) to the groovy Weebly website of Steampunk Jack Tyler. Maybe you read his fine blog about the revolution, writers merging their pages, data, books in order to cross promote and uplift each other.
Then you might have seen steampunk and figured it isn’t your bag. Doesn’t matter. We are networking indies.
OK, so then what? If you thought, ‘Nice idea’, then you may wonder how we plan on going through with it.
The first step is in seeing who’s in. To do that, the writing group Scribblers Den is your next step. We talk often, encourage better writing, and stick together. This group is on the Steampunk Empire. Get a free account, join the Den. Introduce yourself, your book (not published? Relax. We love burgeoning writers too, and poets, cover designers, etc.), author page.
Then, read what we’ve got. Leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. We do the same with yours. Cross. Promote.
Again, people (NOTE: readers) take better to promoting another’s book than your own. The answer to selling has been under our noses all this time…
Nothing sells like word of mouth.
So come on in. Join. Make friends. Grab a chair in the Den and a cold one. For authors already in the Den but not so active, please take an hour, a day, to not peruse the Net. Enter the Den. Write. Practice. See where you can pitch in. Imagine that we, as a collective, working whole, effectively become a publishing group!
Here’s the door. It’s open.


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