In a blunt way if putting it, promoting another indie author you are a fan of is more beneficial than self promotion.
While I would never get mad at someone who posts their book on social media (after all, what options are there for the struggling author to market other than continuous promos? No ideas? Yep), I’m sure we agree it offers little to no sales.
Then one day, you chance to read an indie book. You love it. You place one post about it. The author gets a slight boost in sales. Why?
Perhaps self promotion, though a necessary evil, smacks of egotism.
But really, any book on marketing will tell you nothing sells like word of mouth– from someone else. Reviews! Tell your friends!
I started the Retropunk Indies Social Club on Facebook for this reason. Tell other people what you read in Indieland, why it’s grear, and where to get it. It is catching on…
But wait! A better idea swirls in the realm of Steampunk Jack, he who inspired me. Going full circle now, we open the doors. Indie authors, would you like to cross-promote?
Come here:

Get the facts on the revolution. See what fine books are there from our steampunk friends. Don’t write steampunk, but are a good writer and want to be better? Give us your page, a tiny bit if time. Let’s talk, crossover, teach, listen, share and review each other. Keep each other honest with writing tips and encouragement.
Bond dozens of indie authors together, and form an online conglomerate of ACTIVE promoters. 
They won’t listen when you push your own book. But they do when you push another you liked.
Think about it. Take a look, drop a comment. Leave the link to your author page. Read a new book in the listing. Review. Spread the word. Garner other respected authors and indie websites. 
Make it happen.


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