Yo. If you are an indie author, perhaps you’ve found selling alone, blogging alone, talking to yourself et. al., gets you some to little sales.

But, what if we merge? Heck, corporations do it, why can’t we? Go to a place, or several places online, and link together?

Sounds goofy? Well, when publishers have millions for marketing, and you’ve tired of reading the tenth book on “How to Sell A Zillion Books” (and it got you nowhere), it’s time to re-strategize. Yes there are many writers groups, but are they linking up, a unified whole? No? Then let’s start here.

Jack Tyler is spinning a web, a bountiful web to advertise indies of punk genres, to help each other write better, and to find those new ways to spread the word.

With the added networking of many, who knows where we can go!

The site to get started, and keep coming back:

And when you want to continue on, try the Scribblers Den. We talk about many things, but it always circles back to the writing!

Let the revolution begin…

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