Howdy. So today is steampunk Monday, a little known opportunity for holiday shoppers to buy products by makers and writers in the community of steampunk. We love the Victorian Era and some it its values, but blend it with future technology, imperial what ifs, offworld enterprises and loads of nefarious octopi. Not sure if it’s your game? Sound too strange? Not certain where to look for these works to see if you’ll bite?

Welcome to the list. I’ve been told as an indie author, an Amazon Author Page will do wonders. Well, maybe in the vibrant year of 2011, but then came Arab Spring (or Octopi Wall Street or something). Many of us have pages who write steamy tales, and watch as they sit vacant. But, they list our books, so what better way to get you to peer into our worlds than those pages.

But you don’t know a single author or maker? Fine. Below is a list, starting with author pages, then moving on to maker groups on Facebook and beyond.

Ready to shop? Go indie. Get at it!


AUTHOR PAGES (not necessarily in alphabetical order, but all tasty!)

(NOTE: where no page was found, the page to their book has been listed)

Jack Tyler:

David Lee Summers:

Ichabod Temperance:

Kara Jorgensen:

Steve Moore:

L.S Kilroy:

E.C Jarvis:

Alice Keyes:

Ryphna St. John:

Billy O’Shea:

K.M Alford:

C.W Hawes:

Karen J. Carlisle:

Mark Lingane:

Maxwell Grantly:

Jeff Vandermeer:

Shelley Adina:

T.R Goodman:

Richard Ellis Preston Jr.:


Steampunk Makers Workshop:

All Eras Costuming Swap and Shop:

Steampunk Gun Club:

aannnnnnddd there is So much more where that came from! But for a primer, I think it will suffice. You can also check into Empire Booksellers for book listings:

And I believe that should get a person green about steampunk a running start. Buy, review! Tell your friends!  Drop me a line and let me know you did and what you think!

Til next time!

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