While I’m not particularly writing this to inform you of my writing deeds (1/2 way throught Chapter 12 of Drive-shaft and got out my first Port Reprieve flash on Scribblers Den), I am here to announce getting out the word again about indies.

First, I implore you to comment the links to any indie authors you know. Their books, author page, website, blog site, etc. My blog may not have hundreds of followers, but one such comment read by one extra pair of eyes is help in the right direction. My previous post, Please Allow Me… Listed an army of writers, books and podcasts. I will keep digging until responses increase dramatically, or I reach China.

Just remember, big companies/publishers make millions. We don’t. We network to get so much as one new fan. Like a small business, each new fan is precious.

In my own tiny corner of the author world, I am doing a brief freebie bit. Tomorrow only, The Unsafe Occupant will be FREE. Get it. Read it. Review it.

On Tuesday only, Perilous Ping will be FREE. Ditto. These are both short stories, quick reads and proper introductions to the Legacy Universe, where steam and classic comics unite. Mark the dates.

So, drop a line below listing your fave indies, and spread the fire far and wide.


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