Please allow me…

Good day. Allow me to impregnate you. Yes, i said impregnate. I would be very happy if you would let me make you pregnant with links to buy indie books.

Got you.

You see, I am an indie author of punks. Steam. Diesel. More to come! But, I have friends who write as well, very good friends and exceptional writers. They slave over laptops, giving birth to monstrous tales, fierce romances, boisterous adventures. And all they, and I want to do is stuff our tales into your mental wombs, letting them grow in your brain, suckling the neural nectar that is you.

Didn’t you always want to have kids? No, not real, run around, ankle-biting kids. I mean, imaginary, fun, scary, landscape altering children who bring with them solid escapades and virtuous storytelling!

That’s what writers provide, escape from dullery, a repositioning of the mind to see the world and problems from another angle. It’s our gift, and we offer it as cheaply as possible, while trying to survive on salt-less crackers and a shaved kidney bean. We want you to be fans!

So, as you kill one another this holiday shopping weekend over TV’s with more curves than belly dancers, or try to buy a book simply because it’s on the bestseller list of some thing called the New York Times (never heard of it), remember us, the tired but valiant lot of the independent scene, churning out stories til our fingers bleed, laughing incessantly (it does not imply we are insane. Right?)

Buy indie. Relax on the weekend. Try something new. Have another child. Heck, below I will even list two sites I know of for listening to punk talk. Yep, we can get your ears impregnated too.

Below is a list of sites to get books by my good friends. I hope you will get into some, or even one, and later leave them a review. Because indie authors don’t succumb to the contrite formulas of mainstream novels. But they have marketing in the legions, paid persons who actually work to get the word out. We indies have a dream and a one-legged crow named Bob. Bob won’t work much, which forces us into dastardly schemes like begging, social media spamming and test tube reproduction whilst you sleep. Uh, I mean, we mean well, as we strain to write something offbeat, a little different.

So look into the links. You could scan all the ten billion pages on Amazon before seeing our stuff, so here it is on one blog. Shop indie! We never want the public to be lonely. Grab a book. We really just want to knock you up.

For a collection of steampunk books in one fancy locale, a stupendous list of books and mad authors you should get to know:

(PSST! For any indie punk authors reading this, join us! We meet here to talk:

For childrens’ steampunk books by the amazing Maxwell Grantly:

Start a new series with author Kara Jorgensen, she of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices:

or David Lee Summers, who writes steampunk, scifi, and horror!:

Karen Carlisle brings the dark streets of the Victorian Era to life with her fearless heroine:

Holly Gonzalez has an entire retropunk universe fleshed out in various books, full of decodence…and they are FREE when you get a Wattpad account:

John Paul Catton writes in a variety of times and places, from steam to the future and everywhere in between

Like clockpunk, and a story not so Victorian but every bit as good and detailed as can be? Billy O’Shea has one all laid out for you!:

Scribblers Den maestro and Empire Booksellers vendor Jack Tyler can whisk you to 1880’s Africa on a special airship, piloted by an amazing crew in Beyond the Rails:

Dystopian YA with a strong female lead? Why sure, Grace Hudson just happened to write one of those:

Dystopian YA with a strong MALE lead? Why certainly. Miss Adi Teodoru has you covered:

Cool scifi with crazy technology and the feel of Firefly is right in AZ Kelvin’s wheelhouse:

Westerns! I love them, and I know two authors for them in the indie scene. One is Juliette Douglas:

The other is T.K. Lukas. Both have fine western series out, traipsing the Plains:

PODCASTS. Ears bored? Not anymore.

For dieselpunk, comics, appreciation of old times and pop culture, check out these two sites: (the cat who runs this show also wrote a happening dieselpunk book too:


There is an exhaustive list of more, so please look into what I missed. Heck, comment below and suggest more! I want to push out these great books and podcasts. Get busy friends. Read, listen and review!





7 thoughts on “Please allow me…

  1. Getting ready for work, so don’t have much time, but just want to say how impressive your work here is. I will reblog as my monthly topic on the 1st, and perhaps sooner than that on my Goodreads page. Great as this is, of course, we all understand that what you’re trying to do amounts to drumming up interest for one ear of corn in Iowa; there are just too many people who can’t write clicking the “Publish” button, and once somebody gets burned for ten bucks or so for a piece of unreadable dreck, they’re unlikely to try it again. Too bad, of course, we all know what we have to offer. Wish there was some universal mark of quality that an indie could earn. Maybe some day…

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