Feeling Low? The Unsafe Occupant Has It Worse

Morning! Why so chipper, you ask? Why is this blog in italics, all special like? Well friends, I pushed out a new youngin into the cold world, a junior novel for those whose luves, like mine, can sometimes suck.

You see, some days you can’t get out of bed. Work is insane. The kids drive you to drink (milk I hope, but pribably not). So for .99, you can read about a man who had an even worse day, and didn’t survive to talk about it.

Good thing there are heroes to figure out what happened to our poor friend. Then again, they’ll have to cobfront the one who did the deed…

See, your day just looks better and better. No mutated city to scare you simpke, no crazed paranormals or Razor Crows. Work might seem OK. The kids, not so annoying. Grab the Unsafe Occupant. Kick up your feet for this short story. Drop a review on Amazon. Be glad your sucky day hasn’t been the end of you yet.


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