How are you? Fine, I hope. Been a while since I blogged? Yes it has been. However, I’ve tried to keep busy…
Despite this year being a banner one for illness and infection (and more of both this week) I have managed to do two things pertaining to writing.
First, my steampunk novel An Unsubstantiated Chamber is back on I decided to expand outward, as KDP Select annoys me. It has its perks, but Amazon seems to make self publishing harder, not easier, over time. I also found out about Authors get yourselves a free account there and post tour book(s). The site lists every site you can submit tour book to, and many are free. It was great to find a one-stop shop for my books. So far, out of the five sites I signed up for, three accepted, one find’ t and the last has yet to respond. My book launches on most of them today. Will it boost sales? I’ll let you know…
Also, I released another junior novel called The Unsafe Occupant, a tale of the Rail set several years before the events of Chamber. This story has been tweaked much over the course of a year, and it is out for pre-order now, and goes on sale November 12th (paperback available now). This is a murder tale involving crotchety Flag Epsom and friends. If you partake, I hope it pleases you.
I have also been trying tweeting the mess out of my books. At first it bumped a few Kindle sales before falling. I may continue it for a month to see if it helps. It’s improbable to gauge success of a marketing move on the short term. I need to let it go on for a time to see the long term benefits.
That’s the update folks. Keep reading and reviewing. I’ll keep writing…
Know your alternate history
(PS: I sold a short story! More on that later…)


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