Hi! Now off the meds from oral surgeries, I’m alive once more. As the year 2015 reaches its end point, I’m ecstatic to be back writing again. Cerulean Rust, Book Two of the Rail Legacy, is now over 80,000 words. Down Jersey Drive-shaft is on the diesel move.
So this hopefully puts me on track with where I’d like to be by the end of the year. Provided no other setbacks, here’s my outline.
September-October: finish first draft of Rust. Write and publish on Wattpad chapters 11 and 12, maybe even 13.
November: first edit of Rust. Go back to writing atompunk novella. I stopped to do research on the 60s-70s.
December: second, longer edit of Rust (and send to betas. Looking for more by the way. If interested, let me know at By the end have up to chapter 15 of Drive-shaft on Wattpad.
That’s the way it looks from here. Also, glad to be back posting blog updates. Til next time…
*Sweeps out cobwebs*


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