Yes, it’s yay time! Did I become a best selling author? No. Did I break the internet? No.
But now that I’m used to the meds, only an occasional migraine is holding back my writing. Yesterday after having what I think are sone good lines for my steampunk novel, I got up early to write. Now, Cerulean Rust, Book Two of the Rail Legacy, is just over 79,000 words long. Yay!
It’s been a struggle to write, imagine, take notes and so on this summer. But the book moves along. It’s not due to come out until next year, so plenty of time to finish, edit and re-edit. This week is starting off well.
Also, my junior novel Perilous Ping has two good reviews, one from a respected indie author, so you can imagine I’m bleh on the outside, doing mental somersaults on the inside. Also found out about I will join that site later today and spread word of the Rail to more folks.
Good week! I pray it’s the same for other indie authors and artists as we strive to make what we live, while hoping more eyes look at our works and find them pleasing.

Know your alternate history!


2 thoughts on “LAYING NEW TRACK: YAY!

  1. Ah, gotta love those good days! They have some wonderful meds for migraines these days. I’ve had them regularly my whole life; now that I’ve discovered MaxAlt, I never leave home without it!

    That’s an impressive word count. Getting close. The thing I found I had to guard against was rushing to the finish when I was closing in. It’s been a year, more or less, that you’ve been painstakingly wrestling words onto the page, and you just want to be DONE! Resist. The same care goes into the last sentence that went into the first.

    I’d better pick up the pace; I have Chamber, and have been finding excuses not to read. That isn’t new. Readers of Riding the Blimp know that I constantly battle with “if I have time to read, I have time to write!” Discipline…

    Now to go see what this new website has to offer…

    Read well, and write better!

    1. Amen to that sir. Yes, my book is not scheduled in my mind to go out until Feb-March 2016. I’m leaving lots of room for recovery, editing and rewrites. Taking my time with this and other WIPs. Even short stories written months back are now getting the redo.
      I hope you enter the Chamber and find it a macabre, comic book fit. I am looking forward to BtRII…and III…and….

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