Conversation can be a good thing. Conversations with indie authors can be very beneficial.
Let’s start at the beginning. Since my steampunk stories began as a tabletop rpg in1993, I’ve garnered tons of story ideas. Some have been written and saved. Others are WIPs in the brain, awaiting the season for typing. The Railroad City had a million tales.
But once I got serious into the reality of BEING a writer, my attention for short stories went only so far as submitting them to online fiction magazines. This has been a boon to an extent. is whete I cut my eye teeth. They got me in print, legit.
However, submitting is a tedious process often ending in rejection. Heck, as of now I have stories under review I forgot they were submitted (a year ago!)) until I read my tiny slip of paper listing submissions a few days ago. So, I felt the e-mag route to be a dead end. Either I would have to collect tales into an anthology, or let them rest.
They gathered dust.
This week,a favorite indie author of mine put out An Oxford Holiday, a short story taking place after her second book, the Winter Garden (the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series). It got me wondering about how it would do, a short story for sale in the land of books. But it was a brave maneuver.
So, not getting much writing done on these meds, I got to thinking, and got to rereading two of my short stories. These two were rejected by mags only because they didn’t fit the mag’s genre. But, I received in the rejections very positive notes on the stories, that they were ‘sellable’. At the time I ignored the compliment. Now, one author’s stroke of trying something different has me shuffling these two for sale.
The first is Perilous Ping, a tale set forty years after An Unsubstantiated Chamber. Steam and empires rule, war rages, and one man will be pushed to the limits. It doesn’t spoil anything if you haven’t read Chamber, but us a ‘junior novel’, a tragic tale of war and suffering. This is soon to be on Kindle, hopefully before the weekend.
The second is an early Flag Epsom chase tale featuring a few heroes from the Guild of Honor. First I’ll test Ping, and the Flag tale should come out in September or October.
So, talking helps to a degree. When you’re ready, grab the Chamber on Amazon. Keep your eyes peeled for Ping. And, grab the Earl of Brass,the Winter Garden and An Oxford Holiday by Kara Jorgensen. I’ll keep talking and thinking and writing.

Know your alternate history!


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