Glad to see my fellow writers are planning out their wordage for the month. It makes me happy to see indie authors going for it, loving the art that kills us and thrills us.
Me? Well, tomorrow is the final oral surgery so it will be back to Drugland Lalala. I’d love to say this week I made strides in writing my various projects. I did, just not the count I would prefer.
So, accentuating the positive, I’ll review what I got done since Sunday:
Began second act of Furious Incompatibility. I posted Act One in January, so it’s about time I started two.
Wrote maybe 1,500 words of Cerulean Rust, the second steampunk novel. Not much. Usually I do a thousand plus per morning, but being on and of the meds slowed a lit down since June. Heck, I wasn’t even writing Rust at all for a couple weeks, so any words are a plus.
Fiddled with chapter nine of the dieselpunk tale. Didn’t like it. Will be postponed at least a week unless a brainstorm arises before Saturday.
Thought up the title for second cyberpunk short story. It hit like a bomb, along with the basic premise. Happy!
Idea for a Star Trek TV series hit. Fat chance it will ever get pitched, but you know ideas…gotta write it out or it will be lodged in the brain, taking up real estate.
Rethought atompunk details. What’s needed? More politics, emotion and science. Also dreamt if the cover! Now how to get it done…
There’s the news. See, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, writing this out made me realize how much I have accomplished in four mornings.
Well, off to the dentist for another filling, then to work. Positive steps all the way…

Know your alternate history!


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