Woke up this morning after night five of ups and downs. Now that the effects of antibiotics are over (til next week) I am able to think. But, I also seem to losing sleep. Trade offs are, uh, interesting.
Nonetheless I dabbled with Book Two of the Rail Legacy, and actually got down to starting part two of a story I posted on Wattpad as an experiment. What if I wrote a short story, edited it, and published? No second edit, no rethinking. Just a simple story. As I was in the tooth/drug state, a sloooowww idea of adding to the story formed. What if I show howmy supersmart inventor deals with things day-to-day? The lack of rest, the powerful ideas, etc.? Sounds good. Pen to paper. Er, keystroke to screen!
But the best way to start the day in my tired mind was the third review for my first book! It surprises me to get even one, much less at five stars. I hope this doesn’t come off as bragging, because it startles me out of my doldrums. It’s an amazing thing how each reader perceives different points in a book. I was concerned my characters would be too unlikeable, and now that fear has subsided.
Either way, it got me going. Thank you to every new fan! If you’re new to my blog, need a groovy steampunk read and are interested…


Know your alternate history!


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