First root canal yesterday went swimmingly. It ached a bit this morning, which explains why I got up before five a.m. But guess what?
It was writing time! Yes sir! Cracked open the laptop and immediately realized I needed to divide chapter eight of Driveshaft into two chapters (8 & 9). This will allow more battle for 8, leaving 9 to pick up the pieces. As the battle is in the air with Benny and in the river for Crank, it requires more oomph (a very technical writing term there).
Now that I have a sketch pad and want to draw after years black ng off, I’d lice to draw the protagonists and their robot plane Milkman. However, I have no scanner, neither does the library where I work. First, relearn drawing while my brain figures out a way to get it online.
More dentistry to come, but things are looking up! Eager for autumn to arrive and cold to cone early (I hope!). I seem to write better when it’s cold.
Next weekend, planes and carnage will hit Wattpad. Get ready. Then I return to steampunk and atompunk. Pacing pacing pacing.
Later y’all!

Know your alternate history!


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