This morning I awoke for the first time without the drowsy blehs or migraines. This allowed me to continue typing chapter eight of Down Jersey Driveshaft and figure out where I want it to go. I thought I’d take this time to look over the changes this past week in order to look ahead.
The major notice occurred yesterday. I now sell my eBook of An Unsubstantiated Chamber on draft2digital.com for $2. Last night, the price of my eBook on Kindle automatically dropped from $2.99 to $2. Curious, but at least things are the same across the board. Now to figure out a better way to market. Reading books on the subject helps, but I’m convinced it’s the glut in the market, not your book itself, that makes selling so abominable. Eager’s book Sell Your Book Like Wildfire mainly focused on nonfiction, but I have taken his fiction book advice. The results? Nothing yet. I guess those books are better sellers than any other genre, yet we still struggle.
I am taking time at work and home to read my stack of research books. My how crooked the times have been! I don’t trust politicians, and books like Nixonland only confirm my distrust of governments. Startling are the lies, slanderings of both parties and how they do things. Even more pitiful is the public aware of a good deal of it and doing next to nothing about it. Too busy consuming like Coneheads I guess. Giving me lots of names to use for my atompunk novel.
My cyberpunk tale is in the hands of a beta reader. Since I haven’t heard back from him, I assume my story killed him. Need to be more careful…and flee the country.
I have made it past the difficult scene in Book Two, and now breathe easier. This puts me on schedule to twice edit later and release the book by December to January. Perfect. Now with more time I can plan out short stories, media, etc.
That’s the gist of it. Off to work now. More reading more planning.

Know your alternate history!


2 thoughts on “WEEKENDINGS

  1. Ah, William, on the subject of politicians, you expect what? You may come into politics with the best of intentions and the clearest of visions, but the underlying fact is that first and foremost, you have to get votes. If you don’t get elected, all your grand dreams die stillborn on the convention hall floor. Say you want to run for dogcatcher. You may be motivated by a love of dogs, or a hatred of them, but to get elected, you have to get votes from both groups, so you learn to spin your message depending on who you’re talking to.

    Maybe you do well at dogcatcher, and you decide to run for city council, or mayor. More success, and now you set your sights on state assembly or governor, maybe congress. These are larger electorates with more varied interests and causes, and again, you have to appeal to enough of them to get elected. Senator? More of the same. The point is that by the time you’re running for president, you’ve told so many lies that YOU don’t even know who you are anymore! Thus is a president defined by his crisis. Sometimes a crisis finds an Honest Abe in the White House; sometimes it finds a Tricky Dick.

    Sorry to come across so cynical; I didn’t get this old by being stupid. Yes, the public does nothing about it, but what are we going to do? Say the election was held today between the current front-runners. If you are put off by all the innuendo about Clinton’s e-mails, her handling of the Libyan affair, and so forth, how are you going to fix that? Your only option is to vote for Donald Trump. Fix away… All you can do is vote for the one least likely to attack your wallet, trust to gridlock to keep them from doing anything too outrageous, and record their little foibles in your Book of Future Villains. I’ll warrant that if you’ve been keeping track since the age of awareness, you already have a Rogue’s Gallery sufficient to power your writing for the rest of your life!

    It’s probably ill-advised for me to make political statements, but what the hell? I’m a few weeks from leaving the public eye. Why not go out with a bang?

    Sayonara, brother. Read well, and write better!

    1. Valid points. I’m completely off the grid politically but find the actual lies not as vicious as the purposed lies told to get the power. And then the power gained is not good enough so another goal is sought before the seat gained even gets your butt imprint! Here I am speaking more of Nixon, but also LBJ and Eisenhower and even JFK. Such power grabbing seems to BT the antithesis of democratic thought, but what do I know?

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