Lying here waiting to prep for another day at the library where I work. I reckon it’s a good time to figure out goals for my writing for the rest of the summer. While medication has slowed down the pace, a proper perspective can help things along.
This morning I began chapter eight of Down Jersey Driveshaft. I had been reading yesterday about rationing in WWII, so dieselpunk was on my mind. I got out a third of the chapter. Not bad. I even got to mention some of the planes I chose from my new research book.  So if things go well, I decided to get into that for the weekend. Another dental appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see…
Atompunk. I posted chapters one and two in an earlier blog to get feedback. I got one, and a good one at that. So with my research books pouring in from the mail and Interlibrary Lian, details can be added to what I felt was sparse material. Good, but vague. So now that I’m reading the Echo from Dealey Plaza, Nixonland, the Great Funk and the Consumers’ Republic I’ve got a lot to work with. By the way, this story stopped on chapter five. Later I’ll repost the first two, then the same two with additions and see what folks prefer.
Cyberpunk has the first short story complete. I put out a call for beta readers and snagged a line. Hopefully he’ll find it decent. Even if not, I pray he offers good criticisms for me to build from. I’m nervous, but what else is new? I won’t start the follow up tale until I get the verdict.
As for the Rail Legacy I started strong two days ago, but reading more modern history has me dreaming of diesel and nuclear bombs. Maybe next week steampunk. Maybe next week.
That’s the update for now. If you missed the atompunk peek check my old blogs and on writing.com.

Know your alternate history!


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