OK! So I am just under 70,000 words for Book Two of the Rail Legacy. It’s been a long road, especially lately, but now the old girl is two-thirds complete! This book will have many more characters than the first. It will also have a larger perspective on the city and its inhabitants. More details on that later, but for now, a few lines from the book:

To his right sat the captain’s first officer, a pale blue Azure girl named TH’Deborah Pinter who, despite the pointed ears and yellow-brown eyes, could not be a day over eight. She wore an oversized sailor’s cap with pride as it hung down to her pointy little nose, while she looked in fear at Virgil. This rabid manchild was far from the stern yet progressive man they knew and adored.
Cocoa hair hung over Virgil’s livid eyes, bloodshot ovals containing the rage of an evening’s onslaught. His rivet fingers clenched Captain Ziegler’s lapel.
“Good work, captain. Excellent work.”
The voice held no life, only the sallow echo of a deadened spirit. The remains of the airship and its dead Navy sailors were cast to the earth. Ashen snow prompted a wicked crease to form on Virgil Stockwell’s face, a sinister acknowledgement of pleasure at his act of terror.

More to come from this and other tales. Drop a comment and let me know what you think. In the meantime, keep reading and writing!


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