So I got two more teeth plucked. I’m back on the pain meds and in Lala land. So I guess that means little will get done in writing. This morning I did get into editing the seventh chapter of my dieselpunk story on Wattpad. I worked on it at the crack of dawn as tooth pain lovingly woke me up early.  Check it out here:
I got a thousand words on Book Two of the Rail Legacy, my steampunk saga. My addled brain put words down, words that will definitely need touching up later. But the adventures of Epsom and Astin go on. I’m making it through the big tense middle of that novel, better able to assess how it should play out.
Planning and strategizing are key. I await the research books I ordered and ones I had sent via the library.
So read and review! Know your alternate history! If you take in my dieselpunk story, drop a comment here or there.


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