Hooray! My brother has returned my laptop! Freed from bad junk, I, the writer, can return to my art. Even under the half asleep daze of antibiotics, I utter a shrill cheer.
So, this morning I got my brain somewhat into writing Chapter Seven of Down Jersey Driveshaft, my dieselpunk baby. It went so-so. As I’ve said before, my teeth drama has left me in a haze. An I don’t care, whatever, when can I go back to sleep doldrum. But the few paragraphs I typed seem OK. Benny and Crank will hopefully burst out into this new chapter for folks by Monday. Avoid Slicks and stay tuned!
Now onto the steampunk front. I sent an email to Amazon requesting to be removed from KDP Select. You can do thus in the contact us section on This morning, the overseer let me go!
What does that mean? Well, I’m taking my story to draft2digital com to give An Unsubstantiated Chamber an additional place to play. Why not? Self publishing is hard enough. We need as many platforms as we can get to sell our wares.
And speaking of steampunk, I got asked to guest blog about writing my first book on the Edible Bookshelf. I was amazed and happy to do so. I need the blogging experience! Wanna read it?
As for my other tales, I think my first cyberpunk short is where I want it. Short. Crazy. Raining. Grim. Now I’ll let it marinate and re-read it later. If anyone desires to beta it, I’m at I figure it will lead into other tales as I work them out.
Atompunk! Yes Chapter One is on If you write there, I advise continuing. If not get an account and get help in your wordage. If you wanna take a gander at the chapter:
That’s the update for now. This week a modern day cozy mystery with an alternate history twist began to take root. Doggone it! Book number five, here I come…



  1. Well done on terminating your KDP. I didn’t realise that you could do this. Personally, I have found no benefit in the KDP scheme and I doubt whether I shall enroll in it again. It is too restrictive in allowing authors to seek other avenues to sell their wares.

  2. Overall, Amazon is a really professional and well-used site. I love being an author there. The staff are very quick to process any new submissions or deal with subsequent edits. However, I haven’t seen any appreciable difference in using KDP or not. The only downside of KDP being that you are restricted to selling from only one outlet for a full 90 days.

  3. Glad to hear the move away from KDP was relatively painless. I haven’t used the service, but I see a lot of benefits from having my books on multiple platforms. It just gives the buyer more choices — and not everyone has or wants a Kindle. Good luck as you branch out!

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