Howdy. My name is William J. Jackson, aspiring writer of the punks. Steampunk. Dieselpunk. Atompunk. Cyberpunk.
I used to write TRACK on Facebook every morning or so, telling friends of my progress in writing books. My first steampunk novel, An Unsubstantiated Chamber, is out for sale and doing good.
But I recently hit up Blogging 101 because I slack in social skills. I seem to have gotten caught up in other issues and forgot what my blog should be about. So for those of you reading for the first time, here is where LAYING NEW TRACK makes its mark…
1. Discussing my progress on my four writing projects (which could be more than four soon). This includes words typed per day and which punk I’m focusing on.
2. Research performed for my stories and how they affect the stories and me.
3. We read fiction to better process reality. Soooo, I try to correlate how my fictitious tales deal with real issues.
That’s the basics. I love fiction and writing and trying to get better at it. As I sit here in historic Salem, NJ, I look forward to learning the craft and sharing it with more of you.
Have a good’un and know your alternate history!


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