So my steampunk novel An Unsubstantiated Chamber is free til July 6th. While I am aware of the pitfalls of eBook freedom, letting these electronic passenger pigeons loose onto already heavily saddled Kindles, it is the precious reviews I seek.
And yes I understand a writer may get one review for every zillion purchases. However, my theory is my book is in a sea of jillions and needs reviews to prop it, even temporarily, on the charts. Because sales are prompted by reviews and reviews can’t be had without sales and blahblah blah.
Also, yesterday proved to be enlightening. I have some fine friends in the UK who are also fans of book. I received a PM saying my pal left me a review on I went to the site, read it and a second review (and was frankly flabbergasted by the great things they wrote; thanks again mates!). But then I see the first and only two reviews I got on at the bottom of the page, separate from the UK ones.
So I fired off an email to Amazon. Can’t we merge this? I would love to see it say four five star reviews instead of two here, two there.
This morning I got the response.
Amazon never set it up to merge reviews from their sites in separate countries. Ooooooookkkaaaaaaayyy…
So then they thanked me for understanding (Hint:I didn’t) and they would look into the matter in the future. Yep.
So my book has four grand reviews kids.
You just have to cross time zones to see them.
Oh, and if you wanna grab my novel for free on Kindle…

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