Laying New Track in a New Land

Howdy. Still under the delirium of meds from infected teeth (and will be for some time as more must come out next week), I have made a subtle change in operation while half awake this morning. Usually I place a daily note on Facebook describing where I am in terms of writing. As I am on four books at once, I was juggling them OK before the meds. Now it’s an every other day, half the output kind of deal. So here’s the skinny. From now on my notes called LAYING NEW TRACK will be posts here on my WordPress site. Then I will share it on FB Twitter and others. It may not be daily again until the fog is gone, so here I will detail the four WIPs and tell y’all where to find two. The others are for a future date.

STEAMPUNK: my take is to merge it with classic superhero comics, toss in a cranky professor and an assassin, and begin to unravel threads of secrets and lies. The first book in a series called the Rail Legacy, it can be found:
And also on Empire Booksellers!

The second book, Cerulean Rust, is the WIP. As I am still trying to get the first one in more hands I don’t intend on releasing Rust until Nov-Jan. So I have more time to finish it and play with its larger cast and bigger events. As of now it is half written. Stay tuned.

DIESELPUNK: like many a story the idea shoots you in the brain when you declare you will work on one tale. Boom. Muse gun fires. On Wattpad, I am telling an alternate history tale one chapter every two weeks about Salem County where I live, a plucky duo of tech fighters, WWII and robots. Like the smell of diesel in the morning? Take a gander at this puppy:

ATOMPUNK: I look into the past and loathe the 60s to the 80s. Excess. Nuclear power. Useless wars. Selfishness. Or is that now? Anyway, I am telling a tale that is essentially pre-apocalyptic. The protagonist is a nice guy in a world ruined by atomic power, but they just keep making them! I am a third into this novella, intended more as a world/character introduction.

CYBERPUNK: the gun went off again two weeks back. Hey write a short on a kid who is his own MMO. Last week…hey, that short can lead into four more and become a novella. Hint. Hint! OK. Good idea. First short is done but rough. I may shop around for beta readers to get opinions, maybe from fellow cyberpunks.

That’s the gist of it. I am signing off and will also begin posting character pages here and hopefully pics. I haven’t drawn in ages and want to relearn it.

Til next time…

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