Empire Booksellers!

Jack Tyler never ceases to amaze me. Aside from holding down host duties at the Scribblers’ Den and penning the feats of the Kestrel in Beyond the Rails he has also conceived a new way for us indie authors of the ~punks to sell our wares. A site on thesteampunk empire.com called Empire Booksellers lists the titles of Den members in one easy to find locale.
Looking for a link? Boom!


Now I had an inquiring mind on Facebook ask me, “Amazon has 2,500 millions of books in a list to browse. Why go to this shirt list of people who know each other?”
Well, as a newbie on the indie scene, I learn as I go. What I have learned so far is this…

1. No one will see your book when its number one million or whatever on Amazon’s list. Who would scroll through hundreds of pages. Attention spans these days are brief, cutting out the new book from ever being seen.

2. To further number one, the first few pages of any Amazon book list gives the most and best rated novels. But you are brand new. Your book will be nowhere near those for some time. People buy the highest reviewed books for the most part. So where does that leave you?

3. Reviews equal sales. Without sales…no reviews! It’s a bit of an authorial oroboros, the serpent devouring itself. So you have to give away books sell them for 99 cents, etc. And yet, you still don’t get noticed. There’s a deluge of bookery in the world now and no literary Noah to pick two of each genre to ship to a mountain of sense.

4. Or is there? The thinking mind finds a way, and Jack keeps the thinking cap on. He has compiled book data of fellow Denizens in one page. Yes its short for now, but we garner new author members by the week. Sometimes by the day!

If interested and looking for good indie steampunk, hit up the Empire. If you are an indie writer of the ~punks join Scribblers Den and get your book on the list. Why? Because we have to market hard and broad like the Fuller Brushmen of yore. Scribblers Den link, you ask? Boom!


Thank you Jack. Keep it going my friend.


3 thoughts on “Empire Booksellers!

  1. Why thank you for the shout-out, my friend. Yes, in a way, it’s like comparing a coi pond to the Atlantic. Yes, the Atlantic is a huge biome rich in diversity, but you might cross it twice a month for years and never see a fish. In a coi pond, you’ll see some nice ones every time you look.

    One correction: You need only be a member of the Steampunk Empire to list at the Bookseller, and only that because of the communication channels that must be in place to pass the information to and fro.

    So thanks again. The Bookseller isn’t going to make anyone rich, but it could help with that all-important step of getting recognized, and efforts like this one only contribute to that. Keep up the good fight. Oh, and I just went and looked; EB has 762 views to date, not bad for a page that just sits there. Amazon has had how many billion in the same time? So what. How many has YOUR book had? EB is on one page. Every view has seen you!

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