What Punkery is this?

The more I delve into the indie world of punks (steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk,and on) the more I love life. Not the day to day, politics corrupt blah blah on the news imitation of life. I mean living life. You know, feeling alive, instead of just being, working at what you love as opposed to merely laboring.
It started with the Rail Legacy and steampunk, and that will always be first love. Victorian mores, good and ill. Empire versus democracy. Advanced steam tech. Love it! But then there’s old diesel, and it revivifies my love of jazz, rock and roll, streamlining and heyday Americana.
Atompunk works for me in the opposite direction. While the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman fit the bill, the genre is great in how it makes me queasy. I loathe nuclear power, nuclear waste, napalm, nosy wars that waste lives, military industrial complex, the whole works. So, I have to come at it from a “What the–?” attitude as the decisions made then dropped us into a selfish quagmire of hypocrisy. Good thing I have a protagonist who will come from this angle.
But guess what? The subgenre of punk grows faster than multidimensional bamboo. Stitchpunk, clockpunk, and more!
Recently in a conversation with a respected indie author who shall remain nameless (Kara Jorgensen), I learned of solarpunk. Hmmm, a world running on the sun/stars. Groovy. But in that talk, she coined a term she felt may be bad, but now I find as neat…
I brought up a story in colonial times, which lead to musketpunk. Now it’s a thing. Thank you nameless author for the inspiration. I figure it should have lots of ironwork, mass produced muskets (duh!) and pirates. Hordes of pirates (mutant pirates? Too far?). So, as if I’m not inspired enough, I will invest in musketpunk too. Maybe it will be on Wattpad writing.com or as a novella. Who knows? See how talking to other writers helps?
Punk genres are neverending in their scope…

One thought on “What Punkery is this?

  1. Fun post, and very enjoyable, but may I offer a word of caution? Steampunk, by its nature, is a niche market, and by “niche,” I mean “small.”

    If you are a romance writer, your audience is about half the people who read. All other forms of literature live in the other half, and steampunk is way down the list. We have come to recognize “official” subdivisions such as Dieselpunk and Clockpunk, all of which serve to dilute our already tiny share of the market. Can you imagine that there are literary snobs out there who devour dieselpunk, for example, but who would never consider lowering themselves to reading a steampunk story? Will we someday entertain Folscappunk with its audience of three readers? How about Desklamppunk?

    Have fun making up these terms, but recognize that every label has the potential to create literary snobbery, and reduce your potential audience as a writer.

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