Spreading Words

It’s not only diseases that spread. Words travel fast. Bad words, gossip, good news and more. Words, in the form of stories, spread news, hope, dread and insight. As of today, my words and others have spread more.

Today a steampunk anthology was released. Tinkered Tales I: Gears, Gadgets and Steam came out from the groovy Kansas squad called Harren Press. It showcases many varied stories from 16 authors. One of those tales, “From Dark Recesses” is mine and takes place on the Rail, just like my novel An Unsubstantiated Chamber. I can’t wait to read what others wrote. While I haven’t read every author in there, I have read a book by Raydeen Graffam (Carried Away) a brilliant piece on the Women’s Rights Movement in Britain. Great works by up and coming steampunk folk.

So for me personally, I have my first book out, and now I’m in an anthology two months later. My chaptered dieselpunk tale, Down Jersey Drive-shaft, is getting positively noticed on Wattpad. For an indie author just out the gate, I think I’m doing well!

So thanks to Jesse Duckworth and the Harren crew for taking me in. Thanks toany fans I may have gained because you’re tops! Thanks to Scribblers Den at thesteampunkempire.com and aies at tbe Steampunk Writers Library on Gacebook for support and advice.

Let’s take the punks, and writing in general, to the masses…

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