The Town With the X-Ray Eyes

The Man With the X-Ray Eyes was on TV. Boy did it have a mirbid ending. They say B-movies are for kids, trash films. Aliens aren’t real. Ray guns aren’t real. X-ray eyes are fraudulent. Well friends, it’s not true. Like anything theses things are allegories of their time. The real alien is yout own neighbor who refuses to find a strange new world. Follow my te to see what I mean…

So, I finally got the self esteem and old tales in my head solid enough to try being a writer. While I hit the keyboard, I sneakily queried anyone coming into the llibrary I work at about science fiction.


“Childish. Waste of time.”

“It’s so stupid! Anyone who would like it is stupid! Why bother?”

I asked enough to formulate an image of my town, heck, the county. Add to that observonwhat folks check out: mystery, suspense, thriller, mystery with recipes, and I realized the truth…

I would never tell them I write, unless they found out and asked. Not because I’m embarrassed, but because I suddenly recalled Jesus. You know? A prophet is not loved in his home town? Must apply to spec fic writers too.

Now, I love the NCISs and CSI this and that. But c’mon.Flash is a hit, Avengers made quadrillions of money, and we’re years closer to head transplants (eww!) we are IN science fiction townsfolk! Nobody is getting murdered in a bakeshop by your house, but 35,000+ SPACE satellites are over our heads, beaming death rays while intercepting your calls.

Genres havdiversified a lot these past years, but public taste is still based on a local, Peyton Place gossip mentality. Scandal anyone? Look, people are killing each other to turn to ABC…

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