The Lucasism

George Lucas has folks gaga over Star Wars. I’m one of them, even if Star Trek is better (*dodges the lightsabers of angry fans-asthma attack!- recovers and..*.). However, the man has himself gaga over perfection. You see, George is looking for the right fit for every scene, the great fx shot and finest dialogue. He must be a writer. I get it. Sometimes the best idea doesn’t come during production, or the budget isn’t there. But you gotta go on.

So years later, a wealthier Lucas upgraded his own movies. Some thought it a bad idea. I loved it. Put in old scenes with new fx, make Star Wars more starsy (?) more warrish (??). Redo on top of redo in every way (I’m sure Ree Ree is his street name). He is an artist, never satisfied. Now we have a better SW (*more dodging!*).

I got my first steampunk novel out, but I had always wanted a poem at the front, and a quote about my fictitious city. What did I come up with? Nada. Null. Zip. Poofery. I went on. The idea hung in me like a two ton bat with narcolepsy, but I self published on Amazon.

I was at work days ago. Reading poetry. Boom. There’s the vaunted poem I wanted. Right after I read it, the character quote struck like late bloomer lightning. Doggone it! Where was that before March the sixth? Now I have what I call a glitch, the idea in my head too late to make the evening news. Oh well.

But wait. I am the indie author. Createspace allows for do-overs. No budget! I can be the George Lucas of Indieland! Pull the book. Redo. Resubmit. Rewait. Reworry. Soon, a slightly different An Unsubstantiated Chamber will loom. A bit cheaper outside in price, but richer inside. Artistic urge satisfied.

Now I am Ree Ree…

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