The Indie Dash

So I decided to go indie as far as I can. Maybe all the way. What’s that mean?
Well, let’s begin with me. I’m an indie author, with the first of a steampunk series (An Unsubstantiated Chamber) on Amazon, and other -punk tales on Wattpad. This new life has put me in touch with a host of nifty folks in many writing genres. Before, I felt social networking to be a waste of time. But now, I have a slew of indie author pals, and it got me thinking.
It started with jack Tyler, a wonderful guy at He had a tad of frustration over the sales of his Beyond the Rails book (very good! grab it!), and got the idea to start an online bookseller on the empire website. So, all of us in the group The Scribblers’ Den posted our books there. It granted us an extra site to get noticed. Will it make us millionaires? No. But we got into writing steampunk for the love of the genre and the art. Anything extra is icing on the cake.
At the same time, I got aggravated for the umpteenth time with the two big comic book companies. So, as a loyal fan who went through every change in the DC Universe, now they’re changing it again? Some people like it. Heck, when it happened every ten or twenty years, fine. But now it’s every three to four. Well, at least Marvel keeps things the same. Oh wait. Even they’re doing the universal upheaval bit this year. Sigh.
So, I said enough. not an ‘I hate big name companies and their characters’ enough. Just a ‘the indie world has a lot of diversity and folks pushing really hard to achieve and write well, so let’s see what’s out there. Goodbye DC and Marvel. I still watch your show and movies, so it’s not a complete farewell. But my comic book expenditure is now attached to Overground, IDW, Dynamite and others (waiting to hear more of Milestone’s return. Wee!).
Indie books are in the thousands, but don’t get daunted. Search your favorite genres and you’ll come away a winner with a plethora of writers. Steampunk is incredibly great now with Kara Jorgensen, Jack Tyler, Karen Carlisle, Clay Davis and the list goes on. I’ve read them and loved them all.And I could apply the same logic to sports, where I love the St. Louis Cardinals, but hate the way major league teams gouge fans with high prices (how is that a thank you for making them rich?). My area of South Jersey has a good deal of minor league baseball, and soccer by the shore.
So I’m set down Indie Road. If you get tired of mainstream one day, or your eye wanders off wanting something new, take the off-ramp down the Road. You’ll be glad.

One thought on “The Indie Dash

  1. AKA Jack Tyler. I am right there with you. I love the indie scene, the way everyone is thinking outside the Box, in many cases because the Box has rejected them. So many fabulous ideas out there that you never find reading stuff published by the major houses who are all desperate to repeat The Last Big Thing. I, too, am on Createspace, and I too made several changes within the first week of publishing. Try doing that at Random House.

    I’m just rambling here, but you make some great points about indies. “Independent” isn’t just a label; the word really means what it says, and everyone should try a sample. It’s an amazing universe to inhabit!

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